Logo Use

The AFS and PEFC logos and labels are globally trusted trademarks.

They assist businesses, consumers, forest owners and managers, and other stakeholders to identify and promote merchandise and goods from forests that are managed sustainably.

Demand for AFS and PEFC certification has increased steadily in recent years, an increase matched by growing awareness for the potential role of forests in tackling societal challenges such as climate change. Today, the importance of certification resonates with the public at large.

Using the AFS and/or PEFC logos and labels enables certified companies and forest owners to:

  • demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility
  • attract environmentally and socially-minded customers and consumers
  • help generate awareness and demand for products from certified forests
  • highlight their engagement with sustainable forest management.

Who can use the logos?

The AFS and PEFC logos are registered trademarks and users must ensure that they are used accurately and verifiably, and that any claims associated with them are relevant and non-misleading.

Only companies and forest owners that have achieved AFS and/or PEFC certification, paid the necessary AFS-PEFC notification fee or NZ PEFC Notification Fee via their certification body, and have obtained a Logo Usage Licence are allowed to use the AFS and/or PEFC logos and labels directly on a product or for product marketing.

Use of the AFS and/or PEFC logos and labels by non-certified entitles (for example, NGOs, media, educational organisations) for the purpose of educating, informing or promoting AFS and/or PEFC certification and sustainable forest management is possible only if:

The AFS and PEFC logos include a unique logo licence number for each certified entity. It is therefore possible to check the validity of an individual logo by searching the PEFC's online database.

The following documents provide more information about logo use: