• Australian Standards®

    Committees of experts from industry, governments, consumers and other relevant sectors prepare Australian Standard® brand standards. These Standards reflect the latest scientific and industry experience and are consistently reviewed, taking into account changing technology.


    Compliance with the Australian Forestry Standard (AS 4708) and the Chain of Custody Standard (AS 4707) is carried out by independent, JAS-ANZ accredited certification bodies. Certification bodies also undertake surveillance and periodic re-assessment audits ensuring continued compliance.

  • PEFC

    Dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification, PEFC is the world's largest forest certification scheme. AFS Ltd is the PEFC National Governing Body for Australia and administers the PEFC scheme and licensing the use of the PEFC logo in Australia.

    Latest News

    AFS Bulletin August 2015 28-Aug-2015

    Welcome to the 'new look' August edition of the AFS Bulletin. We look back at the last few of months of what has been happening at AFS and PEFC, both at home and abroad. Enjoy the read... (http://www.forestrystandard.org.au/resources/Bulletins/Aug%20Bulletin.pdf)..

    Directive to Notified Certification Bodies providing Chain of custody certification to AS 4707 05-Aug-2015

    This Directive is for all Notified Certification Bodies providing Chain of Custody Certification to AS 4707 and relates to the verification of the use of the PEFC logos. AS 4707:2014 provides specific requirements for the use of the Australian Forestry Standard logos unde..

    Belarusian Forest Certification System open for public consultation 01-Jun-2015

    The Belarusian Forest Certification Scheme is seeking PEFC re-endorsement for the first time and stakeholders globally are invited to provide feedback on its compliance with PEFC International's Sustainability Benchmarks by 6 July 2015. The Republican Association of Fores..

Revised chain of custody standard published

The revised Australian Standard® for Chain of custody for forest products has been published, ensuring it is up to date and consistent with international best practice.

Certification bodies can continue to issue certificates against AS 4707:2006 until 31 December 2014. From 1 January 2015 all new chain of custody certificates must be issued against AS 4707:2014.

Existing certified clients may choose, following the publication of AS 4707:2014, to be audited against either AS 4707:2014 or AS 4707:2006. Transition from AS 4707:2006 to AS 4707:2014 may occur during a surveillance audit. If the client chooses to be audited to AS 4707:2006 a transition plan must be discussed with the audit team and described in the audit report.

All clients should comply with AS 4707:2014 by 31 December 2015. READ MORE

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Australian Forest Certification Scheme achieves PEFC re-endorsement

Australia's national forest certification system the Australian Forest Certification Scheme has achieved PEFC re-endorsement for the second time. This not only confirms that the Australian Forest Certification Scheme continues to meet PEFC's globally recognised Sustainability Benchmarks, but also ensures that certified forest owners and companies in Australia continue to benefit from the global acceptance of PEFC. The re-endorsement of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme is particularly significant as it became the first non-European country to be recognised by PEFC. Since then, over 10 million hectares of forest have been certified in Australia. PEFC's final report is available on their website.