Review of AS 4708

The Australian Standard® for Sustainable Forest Management (AS 4708) is reviewed approximately every five years to ensure it remains consistent with any changes in forest management practices and reflects community expectations.

The most recent review was completed in 2013 and the revised version of the Standard was published (AS 4708:2013).

The review was undertaken by an independent Standards Reference Committee made up of experts and representatives from a broad range of stakeholders, including forest managers, industry and environmental groups.

The review followed accredited standards development procedures and requirements to ensure the consistency, accountability and transparency required of an Australian Standard®.

The review took two years and included two public comment periods. The successful completion of this review demonstrates that the Standard continues to provide what businesses and consumers need – objectivity, transparency and consistency.


As the review of AS 4708 involved two public comment periods and subsequently the consideration of a large number of specific comments on the wording of individual requirements by the Standards Reference Committee (SRC) it is not practical to provide a summary of how each comment was dealt with.  The FAQ document above provides a synopsis of the main changes resulting from the review process.  If stakeholders would like more detailed advice on how specific issues were dealt with by the SRC they should contact the National Secretary.