Media Releases

$5000 Chain of Custody Certification Funding Support Extended 15-Oct-2015

THE Queensland Government and Timber Queensland have extended their Chain of Custody Support Scheme which funds businesses to obtain dual certification up to a cap of $5000 until 30 June 2016 or until all funds are disbursed. The Scheme reimburses costs directly incurred..

Dr Hans Drielsma awarded Norman W. Jolly Medal 13-May-2015

Australian Forestry Standard Ltd (AFS Ltd) congratulates Dr Hans Drielsma who was awarded the Norman W. Jolly Medal at the 8th Joint Conference of The Institute of Foresters of Australia and the New Zealand Institute of Forestry recently held in Creswick, Victoria. The No..

AFS Ltd Appoints New CEO 15-Apr-2015

Kate Carnell AO, Independent Director and Chair of Australian Forestry Standard Ltd, announced today that Simon Dorries has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Australian Forestry Standard Ltd. The appointment has been made following a comprehensive recruitment p..

New Zealand forests gain international visibility 29-Jan-2015

With the acceptance of the NZ Forest Certification Association (NZFCA) as New Zealand's PEFC Member, New Zealand forest growers gain visibility in the world's leading forest certification system. "We are delighted to be accepted into membership of PEFC and to represent PEFC i..

Australians Demand Certification 04-Dec-2014

Consumers trust certification labels and expect companies to label sustainably produced products. That the message from the first PEFC Global Consumer Survey which found 81% of consumers globally want companies sourcing certified material from sustainably managed forests ..

Revised Chain of custody standard published 31-Jul-2014

The revised Australian Standard® for Chain of custody for forest products has been published, ensuring it is up to date and consistent with international best practice. The revised Standard (AS 4707:2014) underpins the tracking of wood or forest products originating f..

A new standard for managing Australia's forests 25-Aug-2013

Australia's forest management stepped into a new era today with the release of the revised Australian Standard® for forest management (AS4708–2013). The revised and improved Standard not only reflects best forest management practices but strengthens forest manag..

Draft standard available for public comment 19-Mar-2012

Australian Forestry Standard Limited (AFS Ltd) announces the commencement of the first public comment phase of the revision process of the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management (AF4708). The Standard Review Committee appointed AFS Ltd to review the Austral..

Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Ltd seeks additional Social and Environmental Expertise 29-Feb-2012

AFS Ltd is a standards development organisation and a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee. The company owns the standard development functions and manages the elements of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS). The objects of AFS Ltd are to: p..

Australian Standard Protects Forest Values 22-Dec-2011

Significant biodiversity values are recognised and protected under the Australian Standard for Forest Management (AS4708) (the Standard). The Standard has 40 explicit forest management requirements under eight criteria. In order to be certified under the Standard a forest..

Quest for Sustainable Forest Management continues 24-Nov-2011

The Annual General Assembly of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) has celebrated the organisation's continuing success in advancing its vision of "A world in which people manage forests sustainably". PEFC is the world's largest forest certifi..

New Head for Australian Forestry Standard 12-Sep-2011

Geoff Gorrie, Chair of Australian Forestry Standard Ltd, announced today that Richard Stanton had been appointed as the National Secretary of Australian Forestry Standard Ltd. "Richard will take up his new role on 11 October 2011 and his main focus will be the oversight o..