AFS Notification Fees

The Australian Forestry Standard is primarily funded through the payment of “notification fees” by certificate holders to the certification bodies (CBs) responsible for auditing participants in the AFS Certification System.  The notification fees are collected by the certification body and passed onto the Australian Forestry Standard Ltd.  Notification fees fund a number of key activities including:

  • Funds the endorsement of AFS in the PEFC system and provides for International recognition of products derived from Australian certified forests.
  • Funds ongoing Standards Development
  • Funds the operation of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS)
  • Registration of certificates in the AFS and PEFC systems.
  • Provides access to use of AFS and PEFC logos
  • Provides for technical assistance and support to certified organisations by AFS staff when their CB is not the correct source of such assistance.

The notification fees varies depending upon the size of the defined forest area for certified forest managers and the turnover of certified products originating from certified sources for Chain of Custody participants.  Certification Bodies will usually invoice notification fees as a component of their annual audit and certification charges.

The current schedule of notification fees can be found here.