Updated brochure assists companies in obtaining PEFC Chain of Custody certification


In response to popular demand, PEFC has updated and revised its introductory brochure PEFC Chain of Custody certification - The Key to Selling Certified Products. This publication helps companies familiarise themselves with the most essential elements of PEFC Chain of Custody certification and the requirements for using the PEFC logo and labels.

It offers those involved in the implementation of PEFC Chain of Custody processes within companies an introduction to the key concepts and explains the various items covered in Chain of Custody of Forest-Based Products - Requirements (PEFC ST 2002:2010), Chain of Custody for Forest-Based Products - Guidance for Use (PEFC GD 2001:2011 Issue 1), the PEFC Logo Usage Rules (PEFC ST 2001:2008 v2), and the PEFC Logo Usage Toolkit (2nd Edition).

The revised version contains an expanded 'Next Steps' section to make it easier for companies to go ahead and undertake the necessary work towards obtaining Chain of Custody certification. It also includes a sample sustainable timber procurement policy, which is also available as a Word document. Such a policy has been increasingly requested by companies wishing to formalise their commitment to promoting responsibly sourced timber.

For more information see the PEFC website.