PEFC seeks stakeholder comment on Endorsement and Mutual Recognition Guide


The Endorsement and Mutual Recognition of National Schemes and their Revision Guide ensures the robust implementation of PEFC's globally recognised sustainability benchmarks at regional, national and sub-national levels. It provides stakeholders with accurate and verifiable information on the reliability of PEFC-endorsed systems anywhere in the world.

The enquiry draft of the PEFC GD 1007:201X is the subject of global public consultation until 17 September 2012. AFS Ltd is the PEFC National Governing Body for Australia.

The Australian Forest Certification Scheme (which encompasses AS4707 and AS4708) has been independently assessed and endorsed by PEFC as meeting the PEFC requirements. This allows products made from wood sourced from forest certified to the AFS to be sold under the globally recognised PEFC label.

Australian based stakeholders are encouraged to participate in the review of this important document. Read more...