PEFC Secretary General visits Australia


PEFC Secretary General, Mr Ben Gunneberg, completed a very successful tour of Australia in June 2012. The tour helped to raise awareness of forest management certification and the benefits of providing reassurance to purchasers of wood and paper products about the source of the products they are using.

Mr Gunneberg spoke at a series of seminars and briefings in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne and highlighted the fact that less than 10 per cent of the World's forests are certified to a credible forest management standard and much more needs to be done to expand certification and thus improve forest management. The PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an international non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification.

The Australian Forest Certification Scheme is one of 30 national schemes endorsed under the global PEFC umbrella, allowing products from AFS certified forests to be marketed around the world with the PEFC label.