Nominations sought for Indigenous Representative for PEFC Council Board


The PEFC Council Nominations Committee is seeking nominations for a representative of Indigenous People's interests for the PEFC Council Board of Directors. Nominations close midday, Friday 19 November 2012. 

The composition of the PEFC Board aims to reflect the major interested parties who support the PEFC, the geographical distribution of the members, the diversity of their forest estates and an appropriate gender balance. Major interested parties include amongst others:

  • forest owners
  • forest managers
  • forestry industry/processors
  • trade unions/labour
  • traders and buyers
  • conservation organisations (ENGOs)
  • government/public institutions
  • scientific/academic
  • indigenous/local communities
  • consumers and other forest users etc.

The Board composition requirement is achieved through the Nominations Committee. For more information see the PEFC website.