Japanese Forest Certification Scheme open for public consultation

01-Jun-2015 Japan's Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council (SGEC) has applied for the endorsement and mutual recognition of the Japanese Forest Certification System by PEFC. Stakeholders globally are invited to provide feedback on its compliance with PEFC International's Sustainability Benchmarks by 13 July 2015. SGEC joined PEFC in November 2014 and is the largest forest certification system in Japan. Established in 2003, SGEC focuses on promoting sustainable forest management and forest certification especially among the 2.5 million small- and family owners who own at least 0.1 hectares of forest. While the average forest holding is 2.7 hectares, some 1.5 million forest owners own less than 1 hectare of, often fragmented, forest. The global stakeholder consultation is an important part of the assessment, enabling all interested parties to provide insights and information on the system's compliance with PEFC requirements. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit comments on the SGEC Certification Scheme using the PEFC Online Consultation Tool by 13 July 2015.