Australian Forestry Standard (AS4708) Review


The Standard Review Committee appointed by AFS Ltd to review the Australian Forestry Standard (AS4708) has released the second draft for public comment. The draft revised Standard has been sent to a broad range of stakeholders in forest management seeking comment. The comment period will close on Monday 1 October 2012.

The Committee released the first draft of the revised standard for public comment in March 2012 and the comment period closed in May. Approximately 30 detailed submissions were received from stakeholders. The majority of submissions were broadly supportive of the revised draft Standard but they included more than 500 specific, individual comments or suggestions about how particular clauses in the draft could be further improved. The Committee has considered the submissions and has undertaken further redrafting before releasing a refined draft for a second comment period.

The review process is being undertaken in accordance with Standards Australia procedures. AFS Ltd is accredited as a Standards Development Organisation and can therefore develop and review Australian Standards provided the necessary procedures are followed.

The second draft revision of the Standard and a submission form is now available. For more information about the revision of the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management email [email protected].