Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Ltd seeks additional Social and Environmental Expertise


AFS Ltd is a standards development organisation and a not-for-profit public company limited by guarantee. The company owns the standard development functions and manages the elements of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS).

The objects of AFS Ltd are to:

  • promote sustainable forest management of Australia's forests through an Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) owned by the company
  • support and maintain the development of the AFS, and other related or complementary standards and processes which make up the AFCS
  • maintain accreditation as a standards development organisation
  • support and facilitate the use of the AFS, and any related standards, for forestry certification within Australia and
  • maintain mutual recognition for the AFS internationally through the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC).

The Board has elected to include independent directors who bring to the Board additional expertise in environmental and social aspects of forest management and the supply of forest products.

The AFS Ltd Constitution provides that the Directors may appoint up to two persons as independent directors in addition to the directors appointed by the members of the company. The directors therefore call on members, stakeholders and interested parties to put forward nominations of candidates with the necessary qualifications and expertise to be an independent director of AFS Ltd.

Nominations should be accompanied by any relevant information to substantiate the experience and expertise of the nominee along with evidence that the nominee would be willing to accept the position if selected.

It should be noted that the Board of AFS Ltd does not determine the content of Standards. All Standards are developed by committees made up of relevant expert representatives in accordance with Standards Australia procedures. The Board guides this process and ensures correct standards development procedures are followed.

AFS Ltd will meet all out-of-pocket expenses associated with independent director's attendance at Board meetings. There would generally be five Board meetings each year, three face-to-face and two via teleconference. AFS Ltd does not have the capacity to pay sitting fees or preparation time for any directors.


Geoff Gorrie
Australian Forestry Standard Limited
M: 0419 628 873
E: [email protected]