Grievances and Complaints

Australian Forestry Standard Ltd recognises that disagreements may arise in the management of the Standards and the Australian Forestry Certification Scheme (AFCS). AFS Ltd has a procedure to outline the type of complaints and grievances which may occur and the steps required to resolve them. Click on the link to view our Complaints and Grievances Procedure.

There are three categories of differences of opinion or disagreements that could become the subject of a complaint or a grievance: 

  • complaint or grievance against the organisation
  • complaint or grievance against the standard or the standard setting process, the SRC
  • complaint or grievance against certified organisations, certification bodies, etc.

AFS Ltd is commited to effective and efficient complaint and grievance handling, which contributes to continual improvement of the AFCS.

Complaints and Grievance Process

  • All complaints or grievances will be dealt with fairly, transparently and in a timely manner.
  • The complaint or grievance should provide sufficient objective information to substantiate the complaint or grievance so that assessment and investigation can be undertaken. Complaints or grievances based on hearsy will not be considered as a complaint or grievance.
  • The complaint or grievance should identify the correspondent and the correspondent's contact details.
  • Correspondents' names will be published on the Complaints and Grievance Register unless they request anonymity.
  • Complaints will be acknowledged within five (5) business days of it being lodged.
  • After receipt of the complaint or grievance, it will be assessed in regards to the particulars of the complaint or grievance and allocated to one of the complaints and grievance streams for action. Advice will be provided to the complaint should the complaint or grievance need to be referred to another entity.
  • Following the assessment, if it is a matter for AFS Ltd, the complaint will be investigated; after the investigation any decision or action will be communicated within twenty (20) business days from the date of acknowledgement, where appropriate and if the proposed decision or action is not accepted, the complainant will be informed of any alternative forms of recourse available.

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Individual Complaint Reports

2014    Review of complaint against certification of Midway Ltd and accreditation of Global-Mark Pty Ltd